The County Commissioner's Award

posted 10 May 2018, 12:51 by Paul Lukeman

Recognizing exceptional community service 

What is this award?

The commissioner’s award is presented to young people in the scouting community who perform an act of courage and selflessness such as saving a life or supporting the injured.

How did we achieve this award?

Whilst me and my friend Owen were having a day out at the galleries, we stumbled upon an elderly woman who had fallen over onto a concrete pavement and had severely injured herself. As explorer scouts, we already had previous training on this type of situation, therefore we immediately went to support the lady. We saw that she had broken her wrist and damaged her legs, so we made sure that the wounds were kept warm by putting a blanket over her. We called an ambulance and stayed with her, reassuring her until it came and she was shortly rushed off to hospital.

Any young person is able to achieve this award in the scouting community and symbolizes the selflessness and courageousness exhibited by young scouts and adults alike.

The award is presented by the county commissioner who will give you a certificate and the unique county commissioner’s award badge.

Tips and hints on what to do:

In these types of situations, it is important for you to stay calm and to not become distracted as it could lead to further stress and possible panic. Always make sure you assess the situation as it is for the safety of yourself and the injured. 

Awarded to: 

Lewis Todd and Owen Bradbury

Fell end 13-15th of April 2018

posted 10 May 2018, 12:31 by Paul Lukeman   [ updated 10 May 2018, 12:46 ]


Skills for life

In 2017, our explorers went on a navigation training course to the atmospheric Howgill Fells. We learned invaluable skills for life from our mentors, which have aided us with expeditions and other challenges, such as the chief scouts platinum awards and Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze award. In January 2018, these same explorers, felt they would like to pass on these skills to the newly transitioning explorers. In order for this to happen, we the 1st Eppleton explorers applied for a grant from Coalfields alliance to fund  the whole training weekend, allowing us to pass on these important skills to the next generation. WE WERE SUCCESSFUL! and with our adult help booked Fell end Bunkhouse and planned the training weekend. We passed these life skills on to 7 new and soon to be explorers, team building and bonding along the way.

#skillsforlife #outdoors #adventure #whyIscout

Some of our experiences
Fell End was a great experience. We had lots of fun while learning how to navigate using maps and compasses, we were learning survival skills for how to navigate which is essential to life. Over the weekend we learned a range of different skills such as magnetic bearings, triangulation, four/six figure grid references and many more. The scenery around us was spectacular and was absolutely breathtaking, it was an amazing place to spend a weekend. The hut we were staying was great and that weekend was a fantastic experience overall.

The trek to Sycamore hill
we took it in turns to navigate the group to a certain point until we got to the top of the hill.
We started this journey near our hut, one person guiding us towards a pre-decided destination. we circulated through the group until everyone had led us to a point, finally reaching our endpoint of the Sycamore Tree. A singular tree on top of a large hill surrounded by old ruins. the journey was difficult but it was worth it for the spectacular view from the top of the hill. Using all of the skills that we had acquired the day before, we were able to quickly and efficiently navigate our way up to the tree.

Guess who?


1st Eppleton Scout Group of witchcraft and wizardry.

posted 6 Sep 2016, 10:17 by Paul Lukeman   [ updated 6 Sep 2016, 10:18 ]

Let the Magic begin....
1st Eppleton are proud to announce our first Group camp for all four sections. A camp full of magical & aMAZEing activities and fun for all ages. See the flyer.
5 days 4 nights and 3 headline activity days out including the truly magical Warner Brothers Studio tour (often called the Harry Potter studio tour).
not to forget a unique iscout hoodie and T-shirt designed especially as a souvenir of this  special camp.
Spaces are limited and bookings open on this website 10pm 19th September.
mischief managed

Scouts back and up for the challenge

posted 6 Sep 2016, 10:03 by Paul Lukeman

Our Scouts are back from their holidays, raring to go and full of exciting activities and challenges. We have new patrols, new Patrol leaders and loads to pack in. its definitely 1 big adventure at 1st Eppleton Scouts

Its one Big adventure

posted 6 Sep 2016, 09:59 by Paul Lukeman

Explorers new and old continue to lead the high adventure with extreme camps, fun activities and challenges to help them grow as young adults.

Our website to be this space

posted 13 Sep 2015, 07:58 by Paul Lukeman

Whilst we train and update our website to ensure a better and more up to date insight into all things 1st Eppleton our members can access up to date information, programmes and pictures via our members only facebook group, 1st Eppleton.

Scouts - Into Summer

posted 6 Apr 2014, 04:28 by Paul Lukeman   [ updated 6 Apr 2014, 04:30 ]

Its been an amazing year so far for our Scout section. Rising to every challenge, pushing their own comfort zones and wanting more adventure. With this in mind we picked some of the more popular activities, and bring them back for our INTO SUMMER programme, but as is the 1st Eppleton way, we are stepping it up this time around. (new programme available from our downloads section)
GO Challenge, GO Adventure! GO Scouts!! GOOOO 1st Eppleton!!!!!!! its 1 BIG ADVENTURE

iSCOUT Hoodies for Christmas

posted 23 Nov 2013, 10:57 by Jonathan Chicken   [ updated 23 Nov 2013, 10:58 ]

Adults and young people of all ages, often choose to wear i-SCOUT branded hoodies when on activities with the group. Each year, we offer the opportunity to buy these garments, usually in time for Christmas.

We have the hoodies specially made with our 'i.SCOUT' branding to the sleeve and chest and our 'It's about adventure' strapline on the rear.

The hoodies are very competitively priced and are of a very high quality. Children's sizes cost £14 and adult sizes just £18. 

New Scouts Programme available in the downloads section and on our Facebook page

posted 20 Oct 2013, 11:53 by Paul Lukeman

The latest Scout Programme is available for download, see the challenges, join the adventure and get on board the 1st Eppleton Journey as we head into 2014 with more fun, more challenges and more diversity than ever.

Scouts: The Ultimate Alpine Adventure

posted 10 Aug 2013, 04:11 by Stephen Harrison

Awesome activities, fantastic new friendships and stunning alpine scenery, were highlights of the week as 108 scouts and adult leaders from the Houghton-Le-Spring District enjoyed an amazing Alpine Adventure in Morillon, France.

The event brought together young people from across the scout district and challenged them to push their boundaries to overcome their fears, to work together to support each other and most importantly to have a great time. This year was the biggest event ever and the increase in participants reflects the growth in young people and adults enjoying scouting in Houghton-Le-Spring district.

The 8 days abroad were certainly action packed and this year’s trip included many memorable moments. Young people stayed a night in a mountain refuge and after a tough climb through snow to the hut were able to take in some fantastic Alpine views, girls and boys supporting each other all the way. For many scouts, via Ferrata was one of the biggest challenges - traversing a cliff face hundreds of metres up is not for the faint hearted (even when you’re clipped on)!

Daniel Haughan, (11) from Washington said,

“My favourite moment was the cable car to the Aguille Du Midi and the Chamonix Luge! It was freezing at the top, but I enjoyed seeing the clouds clear to open up a view of Mont Blanc. The luge was wicked and I had a blast!”

Another highlight was white water rafting, an exciting rush of adrenalin as scouts teamed up to paddle furiously down the raging rapids, avoiding the rocks. Scouts also enjoyed some Alpine views from the Aguille Du Midi, the cable car took us well above the clouds.

Andrew Turnbull, (41), an adult volunteer from Washington, who enjoyed his first European Adventure this year said,

“Rafting was my highlight of the week - tremendous fun! Scouts worked really well together to paddle the course, in fact I’ve had one of the best weeks of my life and I’d encourage others to support scouting as an adult volunteer.”

The week for most scouts was a journey of self discovery as scouts learned how they contribute to the group, how they can support and inspire others and how they can meet their own personal potential. Many scouts signed up for the trip knowing only a few others from their own group, but by the end of the week, everyone left with new friends.

The weeklong adventure wouldn’t have been possible without the support of a large team of adult volunteers who brought unrivalled enthusiasm and commitment to the event. The thorough planning ensured the success of the week. To find out how you can join our growing adult team, please visit.

Houghton-Le-Spring District is one of the largest districts in Durham Scout County. The district has recently opened a new group to cope with the growing demand for scouting in the area and now supports 7 groups to offer adventure and challenge to over 750 young people aged 6 to 18. For more information about Scouting in Washington and Houghton-Le-Spring, please visit or call 0845 300 1818.

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