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1st Eppleton Group Executive Committee

posted 25 Nov 2012, 08:39 by Graeme Scott   [ updated 25 Nov 2012, 08:40 ]
Wonderful news that we have a chairman Mr Graeme Hills a secretary, Mr Ronnie Scheu myself as GSL and our treasurer Mr Hickman and can now form 1st Eppletons 1st Ever Group Executive committee as we now have enough Ex Officio members to do so.
Also, I have had interest expressed by three of our parents who I have been contacting today as opted in members and should have replies soon so watch this space.
Our Exec has a mix of skills including Senior Professional Managers, Consulting Engineer, Professional Accountant, Prodessional Sports Facilitator and 2 prolific fundraisers so if we can't support ourselves with that lot then we never will.
You will notice that there is no mention of any Warranted leaders on this list, that is deliberate as the exec primarily is there to provide support and guidance on the strategic direction of the group not to run the sections or have anything really to do with the leaders role except totally in support.
That said, the full leadership team are welcometo attend but there will be no e mails or texts announcing that EXTRA scout meeting fo ryou lot, please shout if you want to get involved but, I am there to ensure your views are made clear.
We all need the support of these kind people and thank them all in advance for giving their time to help us out, let's all look forward to meeting them.
Cheerybye now.