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Fell end 13-15th of April 2018

posted 10 May 2018, 12:31 by Paul Lukeman   [ updated 10 May 2018, 12:46 ]

Skills for life

In 2017, our explorers went on a navigation training course to the atmospheric Howgill Fells. We learned invaluable skills for life from our mentors, which have aided us with expeditions and other challenges, such as the chief scouts platinum awards and Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze award. In January 2018, these same explorers, felt they would like to pass on these skills to the newly transitioning explorers. In order for this to happen, we the 1st Eppleton explorers applied for a grant from Coalfields alliance to fund  the whole training weekend, allowing us to pass on these important skills to the next generation. WE WERE SUCCESSFUL! and with our adult help booked Fell end Bunkhouse and planned the training weekend. We passed these life skills on to 7 new and soon to be explorers, team building and bonding along the way.

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Some of our experiences
Fell End was a great experience. We had lots of fun while learning how to navigate using maps and compasses, we were learning survival skills for how to navigate which is essential to life. Over the weekend we learned a range of different skills such as magnetic bearings, triangulation, four/six figure grid references and many more. The scenery around us was spectacular and was absolutely breathtaking, it was an amazing place to spend a weekend. The hut we were staying was great and that weekend was a fantastic experience overall.

The trek to Sycamore hill
we took it in turns to navigate the group to a certain point until we got to the top of the hill.
We started this journey near our hut, one person guiding us towards a pre-decided destination. we circulated through the group until everyone had led us to a point, finally reaching our endpoint of the Sycamore Tree. A singular tree on top of a large hill surrounded by old ruins. the journey was difficult but it was worth it for the spectacular view from the top of the hill. Using all of the skills that we had acquired the day before, we were able to quickly and efficiently navigate our way up to the tree.

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