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The County Commissioner's Award

posted 10 May 2018, 12:51 by Paul Lukeman

Recognizing exceptional community service 

What is this award?

The commissioner’s award is presented to young people in the scouting community who perform an act of courage and selflessness such as saving a life or supporting the injured.

How did we achieve this award?

Whilst me and my friend Owen were having a day out at the galleries, we stumbled upon an elderly woman who had fallen over onto a concrete pavement and had severely injured herself. As explorer scouts, we already had previous training on this type of situation, therefore we immediately went to support the lady. We saw that she had broken her wrist and damaged her legs, so we made sure that the wounds were kept warm by putting a blanket over her. We called an ambulance and stayed with her, reassuring her until it came and she was shortly rushed off to hospital.

Any young person is able to achieve this award in the scouting community and symbolizes the selflessness and courageousness exhibited by young scouts and adults alike.

The award is presented by the county commissioner who will give you a certificate and the unique county commissioner’s award badge.

Tips and hints on what to do:

In these types of situations, it is important for you to stay calm and to not become distracted as it could lead to further stress and possible panic. Always make sure you assess the situation as it is for the safety of yourself and the injured. 

Awarded to: 

Lewis Todd and Owen Bradbury